BOUNCE BACK Readers are saying:
This book, BOUNCE BACK, is about Judy's very personal journey and experience.  As a musician, she has added a new dimension to the story.  As a real estate professional, she shares the lessons she has learned from the obstacles and disappointments that all sales agents go through.  A very worthwhile read!
Leona Kline, Broker and Operating Principle, Keller Williams San Diego Metro
Bringing her own special viewpoint on real estate, Judy’s fascinating stories connect to both realtors, and anyone who has ever bought a home. BOUNCE BACK will open your eyes to the power of resilience and the power to transform any circumstance from a victim perspective to one of a proactive hero.
Rachael Boyer, Quantum Leap and Summit Graduate, New Peaks       
BOUNCE BACK illustrates through Real Estate stories how to transform the circumstances of life and become your own Hero. Very different from other “how to” books, Judy uses the potency of the question to activate your own personal thinking and resiliency.
Mark Kunce, Keller Williams Realtor and Education Coach
I always felt that you turned your clients into Raving Fans!  You two exuded magnetic energy that people were drawn to and trusted.  It was an honor to work by your side for almost 10 years.  Judy and Bill Stephens will always be remembered as the "True Professionals!"
Janice O’Grady, Mortgage Lender, Notary, and Feline Expert
I have been in real estate for 20 years, and, every once in a while, you find a book that really speaks to the individual. Judy spells out simple truths and experiences.
Adam Leffler, PhD, Investment Instructor and Specialist
Judy Stephens relates her own personal real estate experiences with a unique perspective that you can truly gain from. Read BOUNCE BACK, and you will see how to apply these transforming resilient skills in your own life.
Laurie Altman Milkman, Concert Pianist, and Instructor
Everyone loves personal stories that they can relate to. In BOUNCE BACK, Judy infuses her Real Estate experiences with powerful observations and transforming lessons that you can benefit from greatly with new resiliency tools.
Debra Yatsko, Sales Representative with Old Republic Home Warranty
"As much as anyone I've ever known, Judy intuitively knows people. She knows how to dissect and serve their needs and wants, and how to distinguish between the two." –
Terry Braverman, author of "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up!"
"In BOUNCE BACK, Judy shares many of the lessons she has learned as a Real Estate agent. I found the journey through her book to be enlightening, endearing and rewarding. As Judy's Keller Williams Realty Team Leader, I have known Judy and Bill for a decade. The stories in this book touch me because I get to see, through Judy's eyes, the extreme character and skill that Bill brought to the table. Chapter 5 "Tell the Truth" is my favorite, because it holds the lesson I need to learn. Judy's integrity is impeccable and demonstrates how, even when she may lose, she tells the truth without blunting the edges, because it is the right thing to do. This lesson and so many more, make this a book for everyone in business for themselves...and anyone who wants to improve their character, skill, and determination. "
Ashley Lunn, Keller Williams Operating Principal and MAPS Coach
I have read hundreds of books and most of them real estate related and Judy's book "Bounce Back" is motivating and inspiring and it reminds me that in life, if you don't push yourself PAST your current ability, then you can't grow. You have to fall to improve. Falling is part of getting better, and "Bounce Back" will help your real estate business".
Ulysses Lepe, Broker FOSTER HAMILTON Real Estate

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