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Judy Ames Stephens is a full-time Realtor, and she also has her own company, Starstruck Music Productions. Together with her husband Bill, now deceased, they had a successful leading team in Keller Williams Realty.

Judy’s adventurous life has evolved through many different cultures and directions. Moving from her home town in Chicago, she was a Music and Theater major at UC Berkeley, followed by almost 20 years spent traveling and working in Europe and the Far East.

Judy performed in musicals and bands, sold art work, taught music in schools and private lessons and then she returned to live in southern California. Becoming deeply involved in self-development, Judy was a student of EST, the 12 Step Programs, Eastern philosophy and rebirthing techniques. She participated with Toastmasters and the National Speaker’s Association, delivering workshops and seminars.

After many successful years with Bill in Real Estate, the grief of his passing motivated her to continue her search for further transformation and personal development through New Peaks, the Millionaire Mind, and their accompanying programs.

Gaining new perspective and hope has inspired Judy to write “Bounce Back” with a strong authentic desire to make a difference in the lives of others, giving meaning to her own and to her beloved Bill.

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